Musica work with people of all ages who have been disadvantaged through disability, ill health, poverty, addiction or isolation. We aim to improve their self esteem, well being and life chances by encouraging their participation in fun and exciting creative activities including making music, singing, dancing, art and crafts, storytelling, film making, composing and performance. 

We are able to supply a complete set of state of the art equipment and technology to deliver our full range of creative arts workshops. Our workshops are delivered onsite, online or a hybrid of the two, covering all our participants’ needs.

Reaching Communities Year 1 Project

We are now delighted to be once again delivering our workshops on site, but during the pandemic all of our workshops were diverted online and the ‘Reaching Communities Year 1’ project showcases was born. An example of one of these is from TOPCATS Lowestoft below, and there are several others here

TOPCATS Lowestoft

Don’t You Know – Recovery Project Dec 2021

This piece of music was written by Dom as part of our recent creative arts project for the recovery community. This is the first song Dom has ever written and this recording was done in a single take.

Fortunately, another participant recorded this footage as he had the presence of mind to grab his phone just as we started recording! As you can see a great time was had by all.

Musica are very proud to have been involved in and able to facilitate his achievement.

Don’t You Know – by Dom

4YP – Children In Need Project

Community Recovery Project

Musica is delighted to be providing creative arts workshops for people recovering from substance abuse and addiction. We are really excited about the positive impact our workshops are having and the feedback which we have received has been overwhelming. For people in recovery having access to creative arts sessions such as these has multiple far-reaching benefits in all areas of the participant’s lives. One of the participants commented during one of the sessions “You guys have no idea how much these sessions are helping us”. It is quite clear how people’s well-being has been improved as a direct result of the sessions and how they have assisted their overall recovery process.

The sessions included creative writing documenting personal experiences, learning to play an instrument for the first time, or developing existing skills, performances and recording. We have seen how confidence has grown and the desire to participate in future creative arts sessions is clearly evident.

This is a new client group for Musica and we are keen to continue to support and expand our work in this sector. Musica are pleased to be working alongside Turning Point as part of a series of creative arts projects in and around Suffolk. We have made many new friends and associates in recent months and are really looking forward to developing our services and outreach in the recovery community.

The audio clips below are just two examples of the positive benefits this project has had so far…

Inside Me…

Voice of Addiction…