On Line Workshops

Musica have developed an enlarged suite of workshops/activities; singing/vocals, dance/movement, arts/crafts, storytelling and, of course, music. These are delivered online and interactively,(through Zoom, Teams etc.) to client groups and participants located locally and anywhere in the UK.

During the sessions, the participants are involved in a fun and creative activity in which they learn new skills and are able to express themselves. The sessions can involve Musica creating videos, including elements and bodies of work from all the creative activities, this provides an opportunity for the participants to document their creative journeys during the sessions. Additionally, Musica can create a showcase and live stream video premiere using You Tube, web sites and social media.

Please have a look at this video to see how much fun these sessions can be!

Please contact us if you would like more information on this aspect of our service.

Music Workshops

Drumming Workshops

Song Writing Recording and Performance

One To One Tuition