Musica Testimonials

A selection of testimonials from our clients and workshop attendees …


Would like to thank Musica Workshops for your continued support. The achievement we have seen in the young people that have ben involved so far in the workshops has been incredible! Talents that we never knew were there!

Seeing our young people really excited at the prospect of the next session is great. The workshops are delivered ensuring the inclusion of everyone that attends. All levels of ability supported at Topcats are catered for to a high standard and we are so pleased that we are able to work in partnership with a fabulous team.

Anne-Marie  Children Service Manager


Just want to say how much Sonny has enjoyed working with you and learning how to play the guitar, he has gone from never picking up an instrument to learning to play the guitar in 18 months and to do well enough to get onto the level 3 music and performance course at college,

Working with yourself and learning to play has given him so much more confidence in himself that he can achieve his goals in life

Many thanks, Julie


I have done workshops with you at a number of Just So Festivals, and last year you got me to play one of my own songs on the main stage.

I have now recorded an E.P. of my own songs you can listen to it here

Cheers, Isaac


We would like to thank you giving William the chance to be on stage at the Just So Festival again this year 2015 and we wanted to write you a testimonial.
When we met you 2 years ago William’s confidence had hit rock bottom, he was having a tough time in school and it had made him feel very sad, stressed and very low about himself. He has always had an interest in music and we had used it as an escape for him, he had just started guitar lessons. </br>
He was drawn to your tent and went straight to the guitars and started playing – you noticed him playing gave him a gold nugget and invited him to take part in a workshop – Band for a Day. William was so nervous about getting up and performing on the stage and very nearly didn’t go on at all. Your encouragement and praise helped him to be brave, as well as getting Dad up with him and hide behind a speaker. I (his Mum) recorded his performance – good job it was recorded as I couldn’t see for the tears rolling down my face with the emotions that were overpowering knowing what it took my son to stand on that stage and then he did this amazing guitar solo bit and I was in pieces.

William was on a emotional high when he came off the stage, a real turning moment as he realised he could do amazing things with a little bit of courage to face his fears.

So this year 12 months on he’s a different child, he changed schools, had counselling about his feelings and couldn’t wait to show you how he had improved on his guitar. It made his day that you remembered him and his performance and once again gave him another chance to perform.
This year he didn’t need Dad hiding behind the speaker and we stood proud at the front and cheered him on. You were not aware of what William was going through that first year we met you it wasn’t something we spoke about, now William is proud as to how far he has come. Thank you for giving him that chance to make him believe in himself.

Williams Mum


Your workshops really had great feedback from everyone I have spoken to. Believe me, I do know a lot of people around the Town. The workshops showed people from any age what could be done with your expertise in assisting them ‘Live their dream’ of playing something musical, especially at a festival. It was proven by the amount of people who visited you and showing their love of music. I believe you rely on funding as much as we do and I can only say we shall do our utmost to repeat what we did this year in 2016. Your marquee showed professionalism at the best and I will take no hesitation to asking your organisation to come back next year

Terry Barrow, Event Organiser

 Parkside PRU

”These guys are great, helping us to become the first PRU in the country to gain Gold Artsmark award”

Stuart Bailey, Head Teacher,

Ryes School

”…a specialist school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties …weekly tuition gave this student not only a valuable experience, qualification and sense of achievement but has also contributed to him being accepted at a prestigious music college”

Mr T Kerr, Head of Education


Stowmarket ASD Saturday Club

The workshop was even better than I thought it would be. Tim and George completely understood what the children needed and were able to bond with the children very quickly gaining there trust. Not only was the workshop fun but the children were able to develop new life skills and achieve small goals.”

Leah Bowers

Callums Mum

Callum has attended Tim Ainslie’s Musica workshops since September 2008. Through Tim’s expert tuition, nurturing and constant support Callum has gained steadily in confidence and self-esteem which in turn has had a positive effect on all aspects of his life. The workshops have helped Callum to engage with his peers, develop a positive attitude towards his studies and motivate him to achieve a high standard in his music ability.

Thanks again, Tim, for providing an invaluable service for young people.

Deborah Potts


Dear George, Thank you for your attendance at STARS holiday club on Tuesday 25th October 2011.

15 young people enjoyed looking at various instruments, listening to, and making different sounds. I have viewed the photographs of the session, which clearly showed that STARS has some undiscovered performing talents. The young people enjoyed themselves and left the session more confident and full of beans.

Sonia Stephens, STARS