Musica Clients

Since 2010 we have been providing a wide range of musical activities ranging from, one-to-one tuition, one day or week long workshops,  and up to three year projects. A sample of our clients and their testimonials are listed below:

Stowmarket ASD Saturday Club

Stowmarket ASD Saturday club is a club for children with a diagnosis for Autistic Spectrum Disorder this is a lifelong Developmental disability. This affects their social interactions, social communication and imagination. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. This means that most children with ASD have trouble communicating with others, they are very honest and literal. Making friends can be very difficult. Some of the children at the club also have ADHD, OCD, Dyspraxia and other learning difficulties alongside ASD which makes it even more difficult for them.

Musica came into our club to carry out a workshop. Tim and George liaised with me many times before the day; this made me feel very comfortable and confident. We worked together to arrange the correct session that the children at the club will be able to carry out, enjoy and learn from.

The Raedwald Trust


Musica has been working with Parkside Academy, part of the Raedwald Trust, for several years. Tim Ainslie and George Fothergill have worked with a wide range of young people; some of the most difficult to reach in society, the majority of whom do not experience success in mainstream school.

They provide group and one to one experiences; samba drumming, guitar, song writing etc. They are both inspirational and highly motivational. For some of our young people working with George and Tim has been life-changing. Their work can bring young people qualifications, through ‘Rock School’, but as importantly, I feel, it provides troubled and complex young people a therapy and a focus enabling them to re-engage them with the world around them.
As a result of their work a number of young people go on to study music and other creative arts at College and University.

I cannot recommend the work they do highly enough. Rock on Musica!!!
Stuart Bailey – Executive Head teacher, Raedwald Trust