Community Rocks

A joint project with Musica and Out Loud Music – Multicultural Workshops to be held at Punch Studios – International House, Westgate Ward – Funded by The Community Development Foundation –  Feb – Mar 2015

IP4 Rocks

A series of music workshops to be held at Zoar Baptist Church, St Helens St, Ipswich – Funded by the SCC Locality Fund.

Leiston CYDS Project

The CYDS Project in Leiston is about young people having a chance to do a creative activity that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do. The activities Musica provided involved music production, songwriting and performance.

Saxfest 2015

Saxfest is a one day community festival in Saxmundham – Musica ran a number of open music workshops, it was a busy day but there were many smiling faces.

We had great feedback from the event organiser:

“I wanted a bit of time to tell you about the success of our 2nd Saxmundham Music Festival. Your workshops really had great feedback from everyone I have spoken to. Believe me, I do know a lot of people around the Town. The workshops showed people from any age what could be done with your expertise in assisting them ‘Live their dream’ of playing something musical, especially at a festival. It was proven by the amount of people who visited you and showing their love of music. I believe you rely on funding as much as we do and I can only say we shall do our utmost to repeat what we did this year in 2016. Your marquee showed professionalism at the best and I will take no hesitation to asking your organisation to come back next year.”
Terry Barrow.
Event Organiser